500 Entrants

Features 500 machines, both solo and sidecar

Over 240 Miles

Over 120 Miles in each single lap

UK's Largest Event

Largest timecard motorcycle enduro in the United Kingdom

After due consideration we have reluctantly decided that we are unable to run the 2021 Welsh 2-day
Enduro due to the ongoing Covid situation.

Although there was some hope of being able to run with the roll out of the vaccination programme,
it is clear that this is not enough in itself to give us the confidence that the level of restrictions can be
eased sufficiently to enable us to go ahead. Also, we should be in a position by now to submit a
route to the authorities for the necessary permissions, but without the ability to visit landowners
and recce the course we cannot progress this aspect of the organisational process.

In addition, the event is reliant upon the services of numerous external agencies who also need the
certainty that the event can go ahead and cannot commit due to the uncertainty of where we will be
with the level of restrictions in June, when the event is due to take place.

We are sure that you will be as disappointed as we are that it has been necessary to make this
decision, particularly as 2021 would have been the 70th anniversary event, but that you will
understand the reasons behind it,

Phil Wilkinson

Clerk of the Course
On behalf of the Welsh 2-Day Organising Committee


Event Cancelled

Event Cancelled

And… in the meantime, here is a video showing the ‘heart of the Welsh’……